PRO series

Pro-800, 1000



Increased column sizes


+The uniquely designed column features greater sizes in its class thereby providing added rigidity.


Increased and widened fastening surface on base


+ The column is a versed "Y" shape with extra wide and large structure for superior stability and firmly support for the column.


Widened, oversized slideways of spindle head


+The increased mat surface between spindle head and column achieves perfect structural ratio for outstanding stability. This, combined with a proper counter-balancing design, fully eliminates gravity lowering problems on the spindle head while upgrading machine accuracy and rigidity.


Z-axis servo motor upgraded and counter-balance block (opt.)

+Special package to improve the precision of Z-axis movement in high speed machining.

Z-axis servo motor connected directly to ballscrew

​+No more Z-axis timing belt, the servo is connected to the ballscrew. There is no more need to maintain or replace the timing belt.

Unique column design for greater rigidity and stability

+Specially designed upside down column construction with column base measures 1000mm width 54% increase stability.The oversized column and base provide 1000 x 600 x 630 mm work envelop. (Model PRO-1000)

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