S PLUS series

S -Plus 8, 10


Better stability, high accuracy

+The rigid, one-piece bed and wide column base are heavily ridded to prevent twisting and distortion under even the most server cutting forces. The fine frame Meehanite cast iron contributes to unparalleled damping characteristics.

Incorporated oil fluid separation on casting design

+Eco-friendly design.

+Efficient oil and fluid separation incorporated on casting design prevents cutting fluid deterioration.

+Once-piece casting design integrates chassis and chip disposal opening with base.

+No abutment on chassis.

+Leaking-free design.


Heavy duty and precise linear guideways

​+The linear guides on three axes are high grade, providing stability and heavy cutting.

With high feed rates it will greatly boost you efficiency

+Rapid traverse on X,Y-axis is up to 40 m/min(opt.) and Z-axis is 30 m/min(opt.)


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