MVP series



Z-axis servo motor coupled directly to ballscrew

+No more Z-axis timing belt, the servo is connected to the ballscrew. There is no more need to maintain or replace the timing belt.

Z-axis servo motor upgraded and no counter-balance block (opt.)

+Special package to improve the precision of Z-axis movement in high speed machining.

Greater column

+1100mm (MVP8/10) wide column case. The column on the MVP features a heavier structure than competing models to upgraded stability.The column and base are oversized fully ribbed to support heavy loads without table deflection.


+Drain through built-in on working table.

Incorporated oil fluid separation on casting design

+Eco-friendly design. Efficient oil and fluid separation incorporated on casting design prevents cutting fluid deterioration.

1600mm oversized base

+One piece Meehanite casting which is stable, rigid and rugged. To ensure maximum rigidity, the MVP-8 and MVP-10 are built on heavy duty Meehanite casting. Also, all axes are reinforced to provide upper most rigidity and stability.

φ50 ballscrews on 3 axes(MVP-13)

+All ballscrews are center mounted and supported on both ends by high precision angular contact thrust bearing. All servo motors with absolute encoders for increasing efficiency and dependability. (FANUC and Mitsubishi only)


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