HSA series





Four linear guideways on Z-axis

+With the design of four linear guidewasys on Z axis, the machine rigidity is higher and th e cutting performance is much better. (For HSA2212/3212/2215, four linear guideways is optional, the rest machines is standard.)

Three linear guideways on X axis (HSA-X28/HSA-X36)

+The design of three linear guideways on X axis can resist the rotation torque when cutting, the rigidity can be increased by 50%. Furthermore, the max. load of table can be up to 30,000kg.

Reduced cutting vibration with new force flow design

+New slant beam design redirects the cutting force flow at 45 ° down into the columns, significantly reducing vibration through efficient force flow transfer.

Maximum transmission power enhanced positional accuracy

+Our patented X and Y axis ballscrew support coupled ensure the transmission power is delivered at min. los whilst also minimising deflection issues to enhance your machining accuracy.

Nitrogen counter balance

+With the design of nitrogen counter force on Z-axis, the noise problem of hydraulic unit can reduce to 72dB, also the temperature of oil tank can reduce to 35℃. Furthermore, Z axis rapid traverse can be upgraded to 16m/min.

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